The Evolution of a Business

In December of 2009 I made the leap into consulting.  Always focused strictly on HCM Technology and Service Vendors.  Always working on the complete spectrum, or any piece of the spectrum, from Branding to Marketing to Sales.   My customers run the gamut of HCM, and their specific challenges or opportunities are always unique.  However, ultimately what they all struggle with is differentiation.

Differentiation weaves its way through the entire Marketing and Sales Spectrum.  From Brand to messaging, marketing, and sales.  From Strategy to Process.

The essence of what LAROCQUE does, is to identify where in the spectrum the biggest opportunities are to differentiate.  We benchmark it.  Then, advise on Strategy, Programs, and Tactics to have the impact the customer is looking for.  We continuously measure against the benchmark and goals and refine.  It’s a true blend of statistically valid research (we weren’t kidding about quantifying), decades of market experience, and flexible infrastructure.  The secret sauce is really in the experience – We’ve seen just about everything, and we’ve got our finger on the pulse in the market.  Perspective about what works and what doesn’t is probably one of the most valuable things we provide.

This focus on differentiation.  The On Demand Service Model.   Starr Tincup being a partner in the business, augmenting execution.  This is what has evolved since 2009.  This is what LAROCQUE does.

In this HCM market – the 90s and early 2000s were about demand generation.  Sure, you still have to create demand, and we do… but, the story today is about differentiation…. branding….. messaging (marketing and sales)… and having the ability to execute and get from there to revenue.



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About glarocque

George LaRocque is the leading strategist and go-to-market consultant for HR-related technology and the human capital management (HCM) marketplace. He has personally launched market-leading HR technology brands to profitability, funding or both. He is the president of LAROCQUE, a go-to-market consultancy, the operator and organizer of the InfluenceHR Conference, and the publisher of the #hrwins reports on Innovation in HR Technology.

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