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LAROCQUE is a consulting firm working exclusively in the Human Capital Management marketplace with technology and service vendors.  We focus on Go To Market Strategy, Product Positioning, Sales Strategy and Brand Performance Management.  Services are offered in a unique Service on Demand approach as well as by Project or Retainer.   Our services are engaged with no minimum commitment.  The length of our engagement is strictly based on the scope of the work at hand, and ultimately the value we add on an ongoing basis.

LAROCQUE is formed via the partnership of George LaRocque and Starr Conspiracy.  LaRocque brings more Experience and Success in Human Capital Marketing and Sales than most can claim and Starr Conspiracy is known as “The Brand Builders” in the Human Capital Management marketplace with expertise in more HCM segments than anyone else in the world.  The number of brands and products that LaRocque and Starr Conspiracy have launched in the HCM space is staggering.

LAROCQUE operates under the simple premise that anything in marketing and sales can be quantified.  Brand, Buzz, Differentiation, Satisfaction, Revenue Success, Dominance, etc.  Any business goal you have – we boil it down to its core elements with you, then benchmark where we are today.  Now this is where the experience comes in.  We’ve seen just about everything over the years, and we have a perspective across the market that few can offer you.  We look at the myriad of strategies, programs, and tactics available and start guiding you, based on the results you can expect.  We hang in there with you, continuously measure, tweak, and even execute on programs if you need us to.

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